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Binge Gummy Bears

Binge Gummy Bears

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  • BINGE: Childhood candy favorites with better-for-you recipes.

  • No IMO: Our gummy bears do not include IMO which has recently been classified by the FDA as a carbohydrate. The tapioca fiber we use in our gummy bears is resistant dextrin, which as the name implies, is not digested in your body.

  • Low Net Carbs: Each bag of our raspberry gummy bears contains 6g net carbs. That is 70% less net carbs than the other so-called "healthy" gummy bears.

  • Low Sugar: Each bag of our raspberry gummy bears contains only 3g of sugar. That is 97% less sugar than your traditional store bought gummy bears!

  • Keto Certified: Our gummy bears are Keto Certified by The Paleo Foundation.

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Nuts for Nuts!

I bet they call it ALMOND MILK because no one can say NUT JUICE with a straight face!